Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2008

Bagi Yang Pengen Tau Profile Para Tokoh Tokoh Anime... Masuk Sini De/Pa/Bu/Om/Tante/Nene/Kake/Kaka/cc/! ^_^v

Ini adalah beberapa contoh gambar dari tokoh utama Anime...
Jadi saya harap anda melihatnya dengan penuh seksama... Saya pasang gbr ini sebagai foto foto utama saya,,, ^^

Ini Adalah Blog saya yang paling pertama~~
Jadi maklum ajah yah kalo masih culun/ecek2...

Bagi Loe2 yang cinta mati n pngen tau semuany tentang para profile anime kegemaran kamu...
Masuk sini ajah!!!
Di jamin komplet!!!

Mau Tau Tentang Siapa sih orang yang ada di atas???
Nih aku kaci tau...
Namanya teh Cloud Strife...
Dia Karakter Utam dari FF VII (Bagi anda yang sudah memainkan & menamatkannya dengan sudah mengalahkan RUBY WEAPON tanpa gameshark, beruntunglah anda...)

Aku punya profilenya tapi sorry Bahasa Inggris...!!! ^^

Cloud Strife Cloud Strife Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)
· · ·
Kuroudo Strife(romanization)
Human Human
Male Male
23 years old(born August 11) 23 years old(born August 11)
Blonde Blonde
Blue Blue
5'7" 170 cm
Mercenary, Delivery Bar Mercenary, Delivery Bar
"Are sins... ever forgiven? Are sins ever forgiven?"
Steve Burton Sakurai Takahiro
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
· · ·
Final Fantasy VII: Last Order Final Fantasy VII: Last Order

Character Description: Cloud Strife

Cloud was a young man who wanted to be in SOLDIER. But though injected with Mako, he lacked the ideal attributes to be in ShinRa and thus became ShinRa MP. But all that changed when his former idol, Sephiroth, lost his mind, resulting with Cloud becoming a test subject for the next few years in the "Sephiroth Copy" project to create a new soldier to replace Sephiroth. Though it was really meant to confirm another of Hojo's theories, the Reunion. However, Cloud was labeled a "reject".

The combination of both Jenova's cells and Cloud's own inner demons caused him to believe that he was SOLDIER. He's mainly quiet, stubborn, and doesn't seem to worry about what's going on around him. As a favor to Tifa, his childhood sweetheart who knew the truth to some extent, Cloud joined AVALANCHE in their anti-ShinRa campaign. Both his standing with the eco-terrorist group and his meeting with Tifa resulted in Cloud learning the truth and facing Sephiroth yet again.

During the two-year period after Meteor, Cloud worked for Tifa in a self-employed company called 'Strife Delivery Service', located in the new 7th Heaven built at Edge which also functions as an orphanage for children affected by the Geostigma. He also left the Buster Sword in the ground on the cliff that Zack died on; the cliff that is right outside Midgar. Cloud's new sword is called First Tsurugi, and it can disassemble into six smaller swords which he stores in the two side-compartments of his new bike, Fenrir. Cloud soon began to close himself from the rest of the world and his close friends, who fought alongside him two years ago. His reason was a combination of his guilt and Geostigma infection on his left arm (hidden under the black cloak). He now resides in Aeris's Church in the Midgar ruins.

However, Cloud, with help from Aeris's spirit and their friends, overcame both of these threats to his being when he fought the Remnants of Sephiroth, and Sephiroth himself in a final battle.

Note: The cell phone Cloud uses in the movie is the Panasonic P900iV which is only available in Japan and the color is officially called Cloud Black in honor of the character.

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